Because: Walk Off

This comic strip was drawn with Micron Pens & colored and edited in PhotoShop Elements.


4 thoughts on “Because: Walk Off

  1. Thanks for the like:) I dig your style, I don’t have the courage to work with a micron pen any more (I now ink digitally and am addicted to the edit-undo function in photoshop), so I have great admiration for your work. I’ll be sure to keep checking out your stuff in the future.

    • Thank you very much, I appreciate it. I do make mistakes with Microns and Sharpies. Often. Sometimes I edited them out and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes the mistakes are interesting. That’s not to say I wouldn’t like to ink digitally. I just can’t afford a Bamboo pad. I’ll get one eventually. Most of my favorite cartoonists have switched over. I will eventually too.

      Still, there is something to say for enjoying the mistakes one makes.

      • I hear you, I still use brushes and pens to ink sometimes when I want to draw for fun, and I know some of the ‘mistakes’ I’ve made have lead to some of my favourite drawings and taught me some new tricks. I saved up and bought a Bamboo, it’s a huge time saver and digital inking makes digital colouring a lot easier, but it does miss a certain something you can only get with ink and paper. Keep up the great work:)

      • Thank you for the great comments. Thank you also for stopping by, I appreciate it (BTW: I enjoy the illustration of the old lady in your current cartoon, it’s very good!)! 😀

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