Ain’t She Sweet

The political cartoon was drawn with a Fine Point Sharpie & colored and edited in PhotoShop Elements.

This weekend, I’ve read a bunch of articles about how the economics of either the Bush or Obama administrations are destroying our country. I think both administrations are at fault as are the partisans in congress and the hacks who write their press releases.


8 thoughts on “Ain’t She Sweet

  1. hi aaron,
    in the hope that its of interest I have just set up a Political Cartoon Reddit that you’re welcome to post your links to, as is anyone else who finds interesting toons around the web

  2. Wow, she has some bloated pensions. Although I agree with you in essence about the blame game, it does take a real effort to inherit a surplus economy from the Clinton administration (which was not my favorite either) as W did, and hand over a several trillion deficit to Obama. Have you read about the book ” Do Not Ask What Good We Do (In the US House of Representatives) by Robert Draper? It tells about the fledgling Tea Party guys who met in a steak house the night of Obama’s inauguration and hatched a strategy to obstruct everything Obama proposed: good, bad, even things formerly suggested by Repubs, everything. This is unprecedented behavior without consideration to the plight of the country they represent.

    • No I did not read the book. When Obama was elected, I was still in school trying to finish off my last classes (which I didn’t–I am still nine credits short).

      However, any of the the actions by the Teapartiers and OWS do not surprise me. What makes me unhappy are the ideologues in the federal and state legislatures that support both groups. Because we are not able to get together in the middle and compromise. This lack of compromise makes logical, workable government impossible. Pleasing everyone and spying on everyone by those who distrust them is making our government impossible to understand.

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