At the Tea Party and/or Nachos Anyone?

This political cartoon was drawn with a Fine Point Sharpie & colored and edited in PhotoShop Elements.

My mom loved Raggedy Ann & Andy. She made Raggedy Andy dolls for me and each of my five brothers when we were little. I think she was hoping to make a Raggedy Ann doll, but she had to wait until I was 19 before she could. I remember liking mine very much as well as my Grover stuffed monster. Eventually, I grew a little older and these very innocent toys stopped being important (publicly).


16 thoughts on “At the Tea Party and/or Nachos Anyone?

  1. Another Great cartoon. If you watch close, out of the corner of your eye, sometimes you can catch them talking. I remember that one of my sisters had a Raggedy Ann that was as big as she was at 6 or 7yrs.old. Then grandma made sock monkey dolls for all the kids. I wondered back then if they talked to each other when no one was looking. I think most of the dolls have survived. Even Ann is still in decent shape.
    Now my wife and I make the monkey dolls for grandkids, and other relatives kids as well as sell them at flea markets and festivals. If I remember I’ll post some pics of them.

  2. I still have a stuffed clown that I got when I was a baby. It’s in better shape than I am. Really like your drawings. Thanks for another like on my blog.

  3. I always loved my Raggedy Ann. It seems that she and her partner Andy have more sense than many real people when it comes to health insurance. Great post.

    • I have this stuffed toy vulture my mom made for one of my kids that I just could not give away. It lurks in my closet and whispers to me when I’m getting dressed. It makes a lot of sense, too. I’ve been wanting to post about him. I think I might as the job situation gets more dire.

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