The Sunshine Award

I was nominated for the Sunshine Award by two bloggers: by Matt at Mr. G Kids (a fellow cartoonist and substitute teacher) and Larissa at lestwentytwo who nominated me back in April. I love both of these two cartoonists.  I am quite jealous of their style and skill; they are great.

I think she’s a Dr. Pepper girl.

I have always liked The Sunshine Award. When I first started blogging, I thought: “boy, I’d like one of those.” I particularly liked what doodledad did when he won it by incorporating it into a piece of art. I wanted to do the same and what better way to do so when discussing the opposite of sunshine: local governments spying on their own citizens and governments dictating what one can eat or drink (personally, I like regulating high fructose corn syrup).

I like what Matt did when he broke the rules and discussed some of the stuff he recently learned. Here are three things I learned this week:

  • I learned that I would have to drink approximately 1,400 cans of Diet Cokes a day for the Aspartame to give me brain damage. This is the conservative number. The FDA says I drink 7,159 and still be safe.
  • I learned that Apple Cinnamon Pork Sausage cooked in cabbage and mushrooms with salt & pepper, mustard and in a bit of Coke-a-Cola is very yummy.
  • I learned that food-lobbyists sound ignorant, rely on emotion when defending the drinking of sugary drinks and repeat themselves when debating face to face with educated and informed  nutritionists, doctors and scientists and their years and tons of accumulated data.

Yeah, I like learning about food.

I would also like to nominate some great bloggers for the Sunshine Award as well:

I like political cartoons and obviously cartoons that are not.
Again, thanks for the nomination Matt and Larissa. You guys are great.

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