I thought We Were Backing Out of Afghanistan — I Guess Not

Oooo . . . I think I found a way to cut the deficit!

This political cartoon was drawn with a Fine Point Sharpie & colored and edited in PhotoShop Elements.

I love the military and military equipment, but I do not like it when senators foist unwanted and completely useless equipment on the military. If we don’t stay in Afghanistan, Cochran and Inouye might find us a new war. Iran anyone?

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6 thoughts on “I thought We Were Backing Out of Afghanistan — I Guess Not

  1. Yo Aaron, are you familiar with Tom Tomorrow, the political cartoonist who works in a sequential panel format. He is syndicated in one of our local indy newspapers. His most recent offering addresses the domestic use of war technology (drones). Several police departments across this great country of ours are agreeing to use drones for surveillance. I am going to put this up on my blog today. (Hope I don’t get in trouble) Check it out.

    • I am familiar with Tom Tomorrow. It gets posted here by admirers quite often. I don’t think you will get in trouble for posting his stuff,

      Regarding the drone thing, here in Utah, the federal government is also asking the local police departments to install automatic license plate scanners on all the police cars. I think the only reason the local cops won’t do it is because Obama is in the White House and it is his security guys requesting it. If W was still in, then I think we would have the scanners and drones with no discussion whatsoever.

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