Kim Jong Un (30/29 Faces)

The political portrait was drawn as a ten minute sketch-up with a Fine Point Sharpie, a PrismaColor Premier Marker and a Yellow Highlighter & edited in PhotoShop Elements. Total work time: 23 minutes.

See here for inspiration: Defectors describe horror, heartbreak in North Korea’s labor camps.


7 thoughts on “Kim Jong Un (30/29 Faces)

  1. I love your cartoons!! did you know, he got plastic surgery? Anyway, It’s so freakin tragic that north koreans have to suffer fro him after his evil father died ㅠ.ㅠ
    especially since I’m a South Korean…it’s like watching your relatives suffer but feeling hopeless

    • I agree with you. I lived in Seoul for eight years and have been to the DMZ to look into North Korea once. It was very sad.

      I hope one day, things will change for the North, but I’ve been hoping for that day for a long time.

      • Wow.. for 8 years! That’s amazing 🙂

        I’m worried about the future for korea too, I’m really thankful that someone outside of korea cares for this matter.

        Some say korea will unite when china lets us..though I want to believe this is not true

        It’s definately going to be extremly hard for both sides when we unite < worse than Germany
        but I can't give up
        I just hope, it's before I die

        나도 통일할 날을 기다리고 있습니다 (I'm waiting for the day we can unite)

      • I think it is more than just China that has to allow it. Japan is not interested in Korean unification. About the difficulty, I know it will be harder. East Germans were not starving and understood industrialization. North Koreans are starving and have very little practical education. It will be very difficult when North and South Korea reunite, but when they do I know Koreans will put every effort forward in quickly getting the North on its feet.

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