Substitute Teaching: Pizza Party (CUE)

Writing about my long term substitute teaching assignments are always scary after learning that doing so can actionable in either civil or criminal courts (depending on content). There are a few things I can write about and today there are two subjects: current events and the annual pizza party.

Current Events
Every day for an hour or so, we read and discuss the newspaper if there is no work. There hasn’t been work since Thursday and chores can only pay so much, so we read current events. Some people really get into it and some hate it and then have “behaviors.” Fortunately, no behaviors, but more on that later.

The Daily Herald, the local newspaper, ran a front page story about how routine prostate examinations may do more harm than good. This was upsetting to several of the guys there since they’ve already had prostate examinations. I can understand why no one would want to take such a test without knowing the test has a one in a thousand chance of actually saving life. The other 999 are just gonna have to risk cancer because the test does butkus.

The men here at CUE go to routine medical examinations and most of them hate the doctors. Most feel the doctors have no respect for them because they have disabilities. I tell them, I have the same problems and it’s just because doctors are an arrogant bunch. We talked a lot about the test and I got quite a few more details about the test that I just didn’t want to know.

We spent thirty minutes discussing this article, so I made the following word search. The group I work with right now loves word searches. I hope they like it.

Article by Brian Vastag at The Washington Post

Annual Pizza Party
It’s not exactly annual, it’s dependant if we have funding or not. The party coincides when the school year ends for the kids over at Provo Post High School. I taught the kids over at Provo Post for five weeks. It was fun to see them together with the CUE guys. Some of the CUE guys have to be kept separate from them, but otherwise we had a lot of fun.

We kept the different groups separate. Some of the folks just don’t get along with each other, but I have worked with each group except two. I had fun talking to everyone at all the tables. The pizza was very appreciated and there were no fights over sodas or bread sticks. My group was done quite quickly.

Once lunch was over everyone went inside and the assembly groups bowled. Bowling at CUE involves a basketball, ten very battered pins and no scoring. They cheered and laughed and were very happy when work for tomorrow was rolling in.

It was a great day and everyone had fun because if there were “behaviors” then no pizza, sodas or bowling and a good chance of being excluded from tomorrow’s work.


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