One Lovely Blog Award

First: I want to thank Elizabeth at She is a very fine artist and cartoonist. She nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award.Second: the Rules of Acceptance:
  • Thank the person/people who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
  • Share seven possibly unknown things about yourself.
  • Nominate fifteen or so bloggers you admire.
  • Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know and link back to them.

Third: the seven things:

  1. My favorite building in the world is the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey. My favorite architect is Mimar Sinan of the Ottoman Empire.
  2. My university capstone project (dissertation if you will) was about The Trial by Franz Kafka. This is probably obvious (duh, right), but my dissertation is based on a mathematical equation I wrote to represent why every reader of The Trial comes up with a different interpretation of the book and what Kafka’s intentions are (essentially why Kafkalogists are up in the night).
  3. When I blog, draw cartoons or write in general, I listen to my iTunes on random. I get a bizarre mix of classical music, heavy metal, spoken word poetry, scripture, lectures, country music, pop, techno and whatever else I or my kids have stuffed into the computer (120g of stuff — right now it is “Violin Concerto No. 1 In G Minor, Op. 26: I. Allegro moderato” by Max Bruch and performed by Leon Barzin & Philharmonia Orchestra).
  4. I only greeted one celebrity. I was at a urinal in Salt Lake City when LaVell Edward’s (of BYU Football fame and legend) induction into the College Football Hall of Fame was announced. I looked to the right and there he was. I couldn’t help myself and said: “Congrats coach.” Embarrassed, I washed my hands quickly and ran out of the restroom.
  5. I always use the most left urinal in the men’s room.
  6. There are only two foods I truly dislike and avoid at all costs: grape jelly and bundaegi.
  7. My favorite comic is Pogo by Walt Kelly followed by The Far Side by Gary Larson.

Forth: nominate fifteen or so bloggers to receive the award and contact them.

This is the hardest part. Once, a blogger I greatly admire rejected the nomination for good reason. Awards should be wanted. I was nominated for another award just after this rejection and have yet to act on it. So, to all my friends I’ve nominated, if you do not want to act on this nomination, please do not do something you are uncomfortable with.

Here are the bloggers I’d like to nominate:

  1. Sofi’s World
  2. Sketches from Memory
  3. Lestwentytwo
  4. Doodledad
  5. Coffee+Dumplings+Komics
  6. Simon Kneebone
  7. Sparrowcanyonillustrations
  8. Doodlemum
  9. By Common Consent
  10. Don in Massachusetts
  11. Spite Wall
  12. Zinccomics
  13. Pussy & Owl Webcomics
  14. Motley News and Photos
  15. Maria Pace-Wynters

I love these blogs. There are many others that I love. I love each of these for different reasons: honesty, simplicity, complexity, beauty, politics, creativity, intellectualism, fun, humor etc..

Elizabeth, I want to thank you again and compliment you for the lovely spider drawing. I love spiders (though, there are a couple I kill on sight).

34 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Thank you Aaron, you’re very kind and it’s a pleasure to follow your work too 🙂 Glad you like the spider as well. I’m going to enjoy having a look through your fifteen nominees!

  2. Congrats on the much deserved award. I’m halfway through your list of 15 lovely blogs – you have great taste in blogs! All are pretty incredible and being added to my “must follow no matter where they go” list. Thanks for sharing and helping me discover a whole new beautiful world!

    • Thanks Marie. I think I should have commented on your boats picture. It is quite fine. I could not determine which version I liked the best. I hope you like the blogs I listed, I love them.

      • I love them! I’m actually visiting #10 – working my way through each and every one of them. I think what I love most of this list is how it’s dragging me out of the usual places I visit. I needed to re-vamp my wardrobe of words and images. You know what I mean? All that because you once hit “like” on one of my images. Imagine that…

      • Thanks. I’ve done the same thing several times since I started blogging. I love politics, for example, but I can not trust many of the political blogs out there, so I have discovered a great many art and cartooning blogs that I trust much more. I now follow more of those types of blogs than politics. However, Michelle at Motley News and Bob in Massachusetts are two political bloggers I do trust. It just takes a long time to find them and I discovered them by following photography.

      • I stay away from Politics… I’m Canadian, have been in the States for 5 years and now I’ve been in Mexico since November. I enjoy believing Obama is the best thing to happen in a long time and hate it when something comes along and discredits that belief. I guess it’s like believing in the whole virgin Mary story… Part of the stuff that just makes me feel gooder about stuff.
        p.s. and yes, I said gooder because it just seemed fitting in my world of happy denials.

      • “Gooder” is one of my favorite words. As a terrible speller, I think all iterations of words should be acceptable.

        Politics is problematic. I think I follow it for the same reason some people like pro-wrestling. There are alliances of villains and heroes and it is all so fake. Like pro-wrestlers, politicians are in it only for the money. The trumped up and exaggerated drama makes it fascinating, the sad thing is the narcissism of politicians has real-world implications that is often tragic and destructive.

      • Politics would work better without political parties. It’d be bestest if all involved could simply act upon what is right for the country rather than what the party wants. But… sadly in ain’t so Joe, it just ain’t so.

      • It’s not. One of the sentiments attributed to George Washington was the desire that the new American Nation would avoid political parties. Obviously, Americans did not and so we are wracked by partisanship, rancor and often pointless hatred. I wish the US and every other nation could govern from positions of moderation however moderation is described in those nations, but unfortunately it is the partisans with the money and like you said: “it ain’t so Joe, it just ain’t so.”

  3. Congratulations Ogre-Aaron! You do so deserve these awards. And I’m amazed you’ve stuck by the rule of not writing about your special needs students. I would have bagged that one long ago – but do what I can to keep it as anonymous as possible. I do so miss those stories. So heart-warming.

    And you made me look up what “bundaegi” is…. YUCK! EWWW! YUCK!!!!!!!!! Now how in the world did you even hear of that “food.” Totally gross. Now is it grape jelly you hate? Or grape jelly on bundaegi??? (kidding) Odd you don’t like grape jelly. So un-American!!! 😉

    Thanks once again for the award. I am humbled as always… and will probably procrastinate as I usually do at passing this one. It’s because I hate having to choose between bloggers. But now I have a few awards backed up so I could very well list them all! Muuhhahahahahaha

    • I was so Tempted to do that with another award I received. I’ll get to that one next week I think.

      I’ve done a few posts about my special needs students, but the opportunity to do something wrong is huge.

      I came across bundaegi in the markets of South Korea. They cook it on the street corners and many Koreans eat it like popcorn. My ex-father-in-law did and when I was with him in a market he would get me a cupful. It always made me dry-heave just smelling it. I’ve even eaten it before at his insistence (American food being so unhealthy you see). Nothing compares, in my experience, in pure nastiness.

      Grape-jelly hating is psychosomatic. My mom is nuts about the stuff and growing up with bagged lunches or whenever possible, mom made us a grape-jelly sandwich. Not eating the sandwich would incur the wrath of my dad even though he can’t stand the stuff either.

  4. Thanks Aaron,
    you’re very nice and it’s a pleasure to follow you.
    I’ve checked all the nominations and I like them very much. Thanks a lot for my nomination
    super smuack!!!

    • I might. The graphic for the math is going to take a little so it can be put on the web. I also want to edit it a bit to use it for a grad school app. I don’t have an ETA for when I’ll post it, but most likely I will.

      • Fantastic! I really look forward to reading it. I’ve also (slowly) working on an essay about how college’s shouldn’t just assign ‘the Metamorphosis,’ considering how awesome almost all of his other works are. Maybe they’ll be posted around the same time and we can have an academic conference of sorts haha!

  5. many Thanks, sir Ogre. Also, I agree with you on the urinal thing. Lately, i’ve been attempting to overcome my urinalphobia and head towards the center, but these things take time. Probably too much information… lol
    I love Walt Kelly’s Pogo. Fantagraphics put out a beautiful collection of the strips years ago, they gave each strip lots of room to breathe. Such excellent pen and ink… I think the far Side did something to my brain at a formative age. What an excellent strip. The BBQing cow one’s always stuck with me. And what an awesome last strip he did, too. Playing on the Oz “and you were there” idea. OK, I’m rambling.
    All the best, and thanks again!

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