A Face of Abuse (23/29 Faces)

I drew this years ago. I had been helping a female co-worker with her physically abusive husband. This is not her, just an impression of her emotions every time I went with to a potentially violent (I started going with her after he had publicly beaten her–I did fight with him twice, but always stopped short of what this bully truly deserved because of his three confused & crying daughters), court-ordered, week-end child-exchange in the Orem Wal-Mart’s parking lot under their cameras.

This picture was drawn with Micron Pens and digitalized in PhotoShop Elements (no editing or alterations).

22 thoughts on “A Face of Abuse (23/29 Faces)

    • Thank you, Michelle. Eyes are hard. Avoiding/understanding the cliche in “eye” illustration is one of the things I struggle with in my drawings. As always, thanks for stopping by. 😉

  1. This one is pure emotion… The eyes themselves elicit both empathy for the person (and many others like her), and a chilling reminder of how inhuman we are capable of being towards our fellow human beings.
    Great work, Mr Guile. Your sketches have pretty much become an integral part of my week (and weekend).

    • Thank you!!!! I appreciate it!

      The inhumanity we have for each other is fathomless and one of the great enigmas we have to face as an evolving society. I think we are failing at any understanding and for some reason continue to over-simplify the causes.

      I am glad you enjoy my posts. Compliments are hard for me, but like all artists I love getting them. Thank you for stopping by (ps. I hope to see a new drawing from you soon as well!)

      • I am sorry about the dearth in posts, but my life has entered a very hectic phase as of now. I’m looking to writing up and defending my Masters’ thesis in a month, which has pretty much tied me to my computer. But I hope to draw inspiration from how dedicated you are to your blog… which should tempt me to doing more drawing more often.

    • I agree, this is an issue men ought to be interested in curing, but even when men have tried to organize to deal with problems like this they’ve been attack by politicians and women’s groups (the million man march is a great example).

  2. Terrible abuse is not solely physical. Accentuating the physical, is itself a form of significant abuse, especially if it minimizes and marginalizes other, not physical abuse.

    I’ve seen way too much injustice to be swayed alot by one type of abuse. Abuse is spread out according to circumstances.

    Not gonna argue over it. That is abuse as well. It all is profoundly injust every
    face of abuse.

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