The Window #2 (17/29 Faces)

Super President Obama

Please see “The Window #1” here.


2 thoughts on “The Window #2 (17/29 Faces)

  1. That image isn’t that farfetched. Obama has a delusion himself as a superhero who will fix America, but in reality he’s destroying everything America stands for. I guess it took superhero powers to give us the largest deficit in the history of the country, as well as the highest unemployment since the great depression, government control over our health care, obstacles to becoming energy independent, bank bail outs, auto industry bail outs, czars who answer to nobody, communist associates in the White House, shredding of The Constitution, dirty tricks. Etc.

    • Ron, I agree with you about Obama’s self image. I have felt that way for a while, however I don’t agree that many of the points you mention are unique to President Obama. In your list only the first three (unemployment, health care & deficit) are unique to this president. The other points (dependance on international oil, bail outs to banks and car companies [remember Chrysler’s other bail outs], idiotic czars, political ideologues, man handling of the Constitution and dirty tricks) have all been part and parcel with every president for the last century (we haven’t always called czars czars, task-force directors has been a very common name).

      I’ll posting about my dislikes for each candidate soon. The deficit will be my number one item for President Obama. For Romney, it will be pandering to political ideologues: the Tea Party.

      Both candidates are flawed. The situation they are in is screwed up. I hope we will be able to return to moderate governance in the United States. Political extremism is killing us.

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