Small House

I’ve been following architecture almost all my life. I love the stuff. I love looking at buildings and seeing if I can figure out how the silly things are made or what the architect was thinking or wasn’t.

Recently, I’ve seen a number of small houses like this one from Belgium. I think they are fabulous. There are a great many more out there. Who knows, many one day I’ll build one myself.

While  was returning from my kids house where I should have spent far more time, but escaping because the bowl of cereal was coming back-up on me, I thought of this little house.

Tiny House Basic Floorplan

This is merely a sketch. I threw it together in Google Sketch-up in about thirty minutes. Maybe I’ll flesh it out. Maybe not. I still haven’t thought about the skin, hvac, plumbing, foundations, wiring or location. We’ll see.


6 thoughts on “Small House

  1. Have you ever seen a house made entirely of Lego’s? A former European race car driver (can’t recall his name) built one in England and lived in it for a weekend. He had a series on TV where he made many things out of toys, including a metal bridge over a river in Liverpool using the European equivalent of an Erector Set.

    • I’ve not seen that. It sounds hilarious. What I have seen are houses that were designed to accommodate toys like model railroads, RAC airplanes & cars and massive toy collections. Those are way cool. The lego house would be neat, too, but after stepping on so many when my kids were little I can’t stand them.

      • My daughter who has a blog on British TV ( gave me the name of the show. It was called, “James May’s Toy Stories”. It was a 6 part series. I don’t know if it’s available on Netflix or DVD anywhere. May’s info is on the web if you are interested.

    • Thanks for the link. I do like the scenery. One of the advantages to small homes like the one in Copenhagen and the apartments you sent is that they easily fit into any location and those houses carry very little impact. For me, I also like the size. I really just don’t need the space.

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