Showers, Tags and Mitt Romney

I am an aspiring webcomic with an interest in politics. One of my biggest interests though is in how to drive views. It will be hard to be successful if no one is looking.

This is the problem: SEO is not interested in my content. I post pictures. SEO is text driven.

As an artist, one of the most annoying things about art-blogs is the text accompanying the art. I am interested in the image not the text. So, I post according to my preferences when I post art: Image, as little text as possible. I also never click on the links associated with the image. I find them completely inconsequential: if the link was so important, why isn’t it in the image?

My way of thinking is not developer thinking. Developers do not care about art, comics (unless it is a comic about technology) or the interests of artists or cartoonists. I found this out from discussions with WordPress support forum personnel (who in a very harried way, seem to be quite nice). I would like to have my images to appear under a topic every time I associate it with a tag or category. This will only happen randomly (see conversation here).

This is annoying, but since I’m a newb all I can say is “okay, you don’t make any sense at all, but I’ll try my best.” So I looked at my most successful blog and one I’m not at all proud of “Long Showers.” Long showers only has eight words of text and five words of title. According to the information provided to me, these thirteen words are what drove all the viewers to my blog. After removing the articles, prepositions, pronouns, common verbs, adjectives and conjunctions, there are only five key words: showers, response, comic, blog and respond. My tags were comic, men, relationships, showers, women. The category is webcomics. According to the support material supplied to me by the very kind forum person, the tags are inconsequential and the Google rep in one of the videos said to not even bother with tags.

With five keywords and a category, one of the blogs I like the least is my most popular. I have to learn from this.

BTW: Flipper here is the number one trending item right now. Maybe, I’ll get some views.

Flipper’s no Gipper

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8 thoughts on “Showers, Tags and Mitt Romney

  1. I agree, art needs as little words as possible. And I love your art. So to me the most important word there is love. 🙂 I’m tacky. I just got off the phone from a convo with my mom. So being tacky is still in my spirit due the day of love for mothers… I hope you’ll forgive me.

  2. Pardon me for jumping in, but I thought I would help you understand this whole thing a little bit better.

    First, images are highly indexed and very popular. Yes, SEO is about words, but images are also indexed by search engines – by the words used to in the file name. If the image is img45093.jpg, that’s not very helpful. If it is webcomic-man-with-duck-in-hand-romney.jpg, that’s very helpful.

    As the person in the support forums who took an amazing amount of time to answer your question, lucky you, you are focusing on the wrong things when it comes to SEO issues and such. The tags and categories are micro-navigation on your site. The fact that they also land you in the tags pages is really inconsequential. Doesn’t help anyone or anything.

    What helps you is using words in file names and words in your posts that have words people are searching for, helping them find you. But that is the least you need to do.

    Traffic is generated by the traditional methods: Word of Mouth. From my mouth to Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, etc., to their ears. That’s our modern word of mouth marketing. It comes from telling people. It comes from letting people know what you are doing. That’s where the major traffic comes from.

    Sitting and waiting for search engine traffic is like waiting for the person of your dreams to find you while you are sitting on a deserted island. Ain’t going to happen unless there is another person present.

    Link to people, like you did to me. Talk about other bloggers and artists and what they are doing. They will get a trackback and come check you out. Comment on other artist blogs and start a conversation there. Get to know them. That’s the real SEO and it has nothing to do with words. It’s the real magic.


    • Thank you. I do appreciate you assistance. It is greatly appreciated. I just learned something from you about titles that will help. About the rest, I am working on it. I also will continue to work on understanding how indexing works. Thanks for taking the time to help here and before. 😉

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