Dick Cheney: Evil Genius (14/29 Faces)

(Sharpie & PSe)

A few posts back, I stated I thought Joe Biden was a drag on the Obama candidacy (Sarah Palin being a bigger drag). Dick Cheney was the biggest plus on the side of the Bush/Cheney ticket and not for the reasons the networks stated. There was no way I was going to vote for a politician who claimed to have invented the internet (Gore). I thought Bubba was a hilarious, brilliant, practical politician, but Jr. was a no-go. I would have voted for Dick Cheney as president. One thing is for sure, he would not have made the silly public speaking mistakes Bush made.

On the art side, I’ve been experimenting with new techniques, so the likeness is just not there. Maybe the sentiment.


2 thoughts on “Dick Cheney: Evil Genius (14/29 Faces)

  1. Aaron, you’ve really outdone yourself on this one! Your angular shadows around the mouth and nose area are my favorite.

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