Substitute Teaching: Assembly (CUE) “For Sunset” (8/29 Faces)

(Magic Marker (blunt) & PSe)

There was no work today. The trainees were having a hard time. We watched a hygiene film and a couple of travel videos. They hate this kind of stuff, so there were a lot of “behaviors.” I’m working with my fifth team since coming to CUE. I like them very much, but they are very high maintenance (and often violent). I still love working with them, however.

Right after lunch when we were still getting everyone organized for our next activity (me reading Judy Moody outside under the trees), “Sunset” asked me to draw a picture. I do not draw often at work. I just can’t spare my eyes from the possibility of violent “behaviors.” I asked her what she wanted. “Draw me,” she said. I know Sunset quite well and her tempers, so I asked what she looked like. “I look like Tweetie-bird.” She’s told me this before. So I drew Tweetie-bird, but I love teasing Sunset, so I drew Tweetie with fangs and horns and titled the picture “Vampire Tweetie.”

Sunset is a nice woman, but her patience is limited. “I don’t look like that,” she said flatly. “No?” “No, I look like Spring-time Tweetie.” I teased her a little more and then erased the pertinent parts of the drawing and changed it to Tweetie wearing shorts and wearing Sunset’s hair. “So, is this what you look like? Tweetie-bird with your young-woman’s hair?” I asked. “Yes, I look just like this.”

I smiled and dug up a nasty-old, magic marker from the drawers (I forgot to bring a sharpie with me) and finished the inks.

She loves it. I told her I would give it back to her tomorrow after I put it in the computer. Sunset showed the picture to all the other people there and corrected everyone who didn’t agree Sping-time Tweetie looked just like her.


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