For those of you who were concerned, I’m not the only mormon who is not on the wagon for Romney. Now I’m not a Obamacrat either, but it is good to know when one is not alone in the universe in not falling “lock-step-in-line” in a cult-like fashion to whom many mormons feel is the chosen one.

Mormons for Obama

Some of you may already know this (especially if you searched for this site because of the article by Scott Conroy on, but received mention in the article, “Pro-Obama Mormons Unswayed by Shared Faith with Romney.”

Conroy reflects the views of the many of us who are Mormon and voting for Obama quite well, and Hannah Wheelwright says it perfectly with her quotation in the article: “The fact that I’m a Mormon is why I’m voting for President Obama instead of Mitt Romney. I’m a Democrat because I’m a Mormon. I think there’s so many things in my faith that do promote certain policies in the Democratic Party, and a lot of the reason I support President Obama is his dedication to social programs, equality, and those types of things.”

However, there is one area where I think Conroy didn’t get it right (and I’m not referring to when he…

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