District Meeting

(Micron Pens & PS)

I’ve mentioned I’ve tried to start two other webcomics Both failed miserably because I’m just not funny (IMO). However, I did want to post one of my favorite comics I created then. The concept is four Utah Valley guys who went on LDS missions together and how they’ve made it since their missions. This is them playing World of Warcraft.


9 thoughts on “District Meeting

  1. The drawings are awesome, not sure about the storyline. I’m a kid when it comes to comics. Actually I love Robot Chicken, where it’s pop culture from my youth blended with today’s actuality. Very funny stuff. Try watching late night cartoon network “Adult Swim” for inspiration. I’m just not sure about religious humor, but I wasn’t blessed with being raised within the religion that has the best TV commercials, I was raised with guilt and jealousy over my neighbor…

    • Yeah, mormonism is “blesses” with good advertising, but I can say guilt and jealousy are generally not a part of the general program (except what your parent normally would put you through). Mormon humor tends to be silly with a penchant for goofiness.

      Don’t get me wrong, a bunch of my friends still watch adult swim and sometimes Archer, but when the shows get too “adult” they will often change the channel.

      Thanks for stopping by Marie, I really appreciate it.

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