Argus 2012 Cover

I wanted to show you a little of what I’ve been working on at night with the kids over at Orem High School. This is the cover piece. The insides are complete, but the cover has yet to be done. We should have that done by EOB, Monday.

This has been six week project. The werd-nerd kids over at Orem High had no idea the work they were going to do in the beginning and now that we are almost done and with Prom tomorrow, nerves are frazzled. We decided to cut it short tonight.

Now I did not do the art work or the page design, that is all done by Orem High kids. The fonts and errata will be added in InDesign. The kids at Orem High are very talented. The journal includes poetry, prose, essay, art, 3d art and video of dance, drama, one act plays and advertisements.

This is my forth year working with Orem High on Argus. I teach the kids the publication process, InDesign and give them some design tips and pointers (but not much–this is their project). I love working on Argus. The kids grow so much and learn so much. They are always amazed at the tools they use in addition to InDesign and how hard it is to put together a very nice product. They are also blown away by how hard it is to reduce the submissions of 1200+ to only 200 pieces. Copyediting is also a surprise. The other surprise is when I teach them what good poetry, prose and art is. They learn more from the editorial process about the arts then they do in the classroom. This is what makes the project worth it.


2 thoughts on “Argus 2012 Cover

    • Yes it is. When the editor in chief, managing editor and page designer are all girls with tons of prep work still to be completed, no work on their literary journal could be complete. At the same time, that’s how it’s supposed to be.

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