Cheeseburger in Paradise

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For further reading, please check out the following two articles:

Deseret News: The Pain of Calorie-rich Malnutrition in the United States and

Deseret News: A Food Stamp Paradox: Starving Isn’t the Issue — It’s Access to Nutritious Foods.


7 thoughts on “Cheeseburger in Paradise

  1. The UK is becoming the same.
    What do the government decide to do to conquer this issue? Put tax on pasties.
    Yes, because taxing a pasty solves everything, and makes more nutritious food cheaper *holds up sarcasm sign*.

    • In the States, purchases made with food stamps are tax-free. Taxing foods like that would be good, but it only affect the people who pay taxes. It would be a way to discourage purchases, but still be ineffective when confronting the poor on government assistance who are suffering from the nutritional famine I mentioned.

      There are food programs here that only allow purchases of certain types of food. Food stamps restrict purchases of alcohol and restaurant food. I think it would be possible for food stamps to restrict purchases that includes corn-oil (and similar oils) and high-fructose corn syrup. If those restrictions were in place, many of the most dangerous foods would be restricted.

      • I think we should do food stamps here (if they were controlled properly as I agree with your comment) the only time Brits get food stamps is when we have a child and are on welfare. Then we get food stamps to buy fruit, vegetables, and either baby formula or milk only, and then we only get enough for one pint of milk, a pack of bananas and maybe a few carrots a week.
        Otherwise people on welfare here, with no children are just given a ridiculously small amount of money, and it really wouldn’t feed anyone for a week if they only ate healthy food. So they rely on things like cheap hot food like pasties and take outs.

        The info in your comment/post is extremely interesting. Thanks for sharing.

      • That sounds very similar to WIC (women, infants and children). It is very restrictive, but WIC is very effective at making sure their clients receive the proper, nutritional food they and their children need. Food stamps is just way too broad.

  2. Very good posting. Big Food is the new Big Pharma that stepped in after Big Tobacco. Fast Foods and fast food production (GMOs and factory farms) rule the dinner table, because most people don’t know how or can’t be bothered to prepare their food. What poor person can afford organic? Yet without proper nutrition, kids don’t learn, in already overcrowd class rooms, which assures us a further of undereducated populous which on my cynical days I think, is exactly what is wanted by the powers that be. It has certainly worked for them so far.

    • Exactly! Many of the classes I sub at are in notoriously poor schools and one of the biggest complaints from the kids is that they are hungry. I usually eat a small lunch (all natural, meaning I know everything on the label without looking it up, and under 400 calories), but I’ve had those tiny lunches stolen out of my backpack three times. Even the school lunches that are state and/or federally funded are nutritional poor, so poor kids on free or reduced lunch programs don’t even get at least one good meal a day. These kids end up being hungry all day even if mom put cereal on the table for breakfast and they ate school lunch. Starvation is hard to understand when everyone is eating, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

  3. Reblogged this on monkiss and commented:
    This is SO true. In Canada, the sugary, fatty and preservative-laden food the poor eat contributes to diabetes raging through our First Nations population like wild fire.

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