Argus 2012

For the last three week. I’ve been going over to Orem High School and helping a friend out with a literary journal. I do this every year. For six weeks of every spring I basically work a second forty hour job as a volunteer teaching high school kids how to publish.

I was at Orem High until 11pm, and so I did not have anything to post. In fact, I just came home and went straight to bed.

Every year there is something different going on that one would not experience in the professional world or even in college I expect. This year, we are dealing with the messy aftermath of a high school breakup. The boy was very hurt and has tried to sabotage the journal because of heartbreak yada yada yada.

I’ve worked out a deal with him. We do want him to work on the staff, because he is a skilled artist and is very committed, but I have to work with him on his own so he won’t do anything silly.

This is taking a lot of time and energy. The problem is that he was dating the editor-in-cheif and she, in her way, is trying to sabotage him as well. If this were in a company or a publishing house, I’m sure one of them would have been fired or at least shuffled off someplace else until the project was completed.

Anyway, all the pre work was finally completed and now we can start entering everything directly into InDesign. That will be next week and only completed by a few people. Hopefully nothing else will happen over the weekend that will lengthen the process out further.


2 thoughts on “Argus 2012

  1. Oh high school drama….gotta love it.The real question is…have you seen the movie Gentlmen Broncos? I think it would really help your efforts. lol……..don’t hate me……

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