Civil War

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5 thoughts on “Civil War

  1. It’s unfortunate the person you overheard had such a bad experience with some people. Now carrying a gun I must admit I find bizarre no matter who is carrying it, male, female or child. But thats me and I live in a pretty gunless culture. As far as the other statements, I’m glad to say I have never heard anything like that from any of my many feminist friends, male or female. I am sorry that has been this women’s experience since it just adds fuel to the retrograde attitudes feminists have fought so hard to overcome.

    • I agree with you. People tend to see issues as a me against them relationship. I think every person should be considered as they are without any preconceived notions. Unfortunately, that’s just not the way it works (sometimes . . . here’s to hoping that changes.)

  2. Yep. That doesn’t sound like the feminists I know and, unfortunately, it’s pretty much what alot of people would like you to believe that feminists are all about. Pitty she feels that way because I think she is missing the point of what feminists are about.

    • The interesting thing for most people, perception is everything. Many liberals and conservatives purposefully or at least subconsciously try to misunderstand what they think is their binary opposite.

      When people decide to subscribe to one side of an ideological binary, I then am suspicious of both extremes. Either both are right and don’t know it or neither are right and don’t know it or a fair mix of both. What is sometimes insidious is when individual partisans do know they are wrong about the preconceived notions of the perceived opposite and still promote opposition.

      Regarding feminism, I am of the brand that thinks every woman is equal to another and should be considered on her own merits not on some social-economic-historical understanding of what a woman should be. If a certain woman thinks women’s rights are to have as many children as she wants without society trying to coerce her to do otherwise, then I agree with her. I feel the same way about birth control and a woman’s right to control her procreative future through chemistry or medicine.

      This applies to every aspect of a woman, including being for or against or someplace in-between of any issue the said woman is interested in (which for many women is gun-control and the right to home-school–both the rights of women in their opinions). So, four years ago, when feminist organizations were attacking Sarah Palin because they did not agree with Palin’s brand of feminism and womanhood, those feminists were engaged in misogynist and patriarchal behavior (BTW: I can’t stand Sarah Palin). Their extreme rhetoric was very revealing about the nature of the then feminist movement and how they were willing to stick to their ideological guns as opposed to trying to accept the other woman as being just as justified as a woman. This happens again and again and again.

      I want change!

      It is the ideology and perception of 2nd wave feminism that is so destructive. I think it is time for the 2nd wave to leave the scene and for the 3rd wave to come in and take a preeminent role in the dialogue.

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