Spring is Here . . . yay

(Sharpies, Photo Manipulation & PSe)

I’m tired of reading about children killing themselves because of crap they read on Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my Facebook account. I just wish Facebook would do something about the hate flying about their site. Here is the latest article I came across regarding suicide because of bullying conducted over Facebook (). In this article, the program is focusing on the school the girls went to. What about Facebook and other social media that facilitates hate/intimidation speech?


9 thoughts on “Spring is Here . . . yay

  1. Maybe because Facebook has brought this crap out of the shadows of the school corridors, it’s time for some real critical media courses in schools. I don’t know, maybe they already do that. Certainly up here there is some anti-bullying work being done in schools but i am unaware of education tackling all the hate promotion being dumped on us from much more than just Facebook.

    • Her in Utah, there is no nothing to teach kids about critical media management. In the media classes I’ve subbed, we are not allowed to discuss social-media. That has to be managed by the one district psychologist.

  2. I really appreciate your post on internet bullying as it deserves more attention, just as school bullying should too. I saw a trailer of the recent movie “Bully” and it made me cry. Kids can be so cruel to one another. Yet, one the other hand, adults seem to participate in the same behavior online abusing the anonymity of internet identity. Thanks for the post.

    • The internet exacerbates the anonymity of bad drivers. We can at least see the other driver. On the internet it is impossible to do so. This blindness allows all sorts of rotten behavior.

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