Lithium Li & K.

(Tombow ABT Brush Pen & PS)

This is the art I wanted to turn in to Illustration Friday the week before last. Unfortunately, I was too ill to attempt it. The theme was “yield.” I have already planned the one for this week and hope to get going on it tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Lithium Li & K.

  1. there’s an “illustration friday?”
    awesome drawing. i’m so totally apolitical (a conscious self-sequestering) that i usually miss the point of political cartoons or discussions.

    • Illustration Friday is hosted on It is a lot of fun and rarely political. Not everyone is professional, in fact there are few professionals there.

      Politically, I wish I could self-sequester. If I go for a day without my daily fix, I go through withdrawals. However, I’m a bit odd: I generally don’t take sides. I look for the ridiculous or for the dangerous to humanity like the subject of the above cartoon: the forced repatriation of people trying to escape North Korea’s tyrannical rule.

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