What a great movie. It was a lot more interesting than the Utah GOP contests, unless blood sport is your thing. If so, you’d like the caucuses more. I wasn’t allowed to vote of course. I’m not affiliated with any party. I can tell you who I identify with the most in that movie: the footballer Begbie kicked the shit out of in the London pub.

Both sides of the liberal spectrum are far too addicted to their ideology to be trusted. Pure black-tar addicts. Contemporary, political ideologues are conspiring, conspiracy-driven psychopaths like Sick Boy; completely insane, stupid and delusional like Spud; depressed and rejected by proper society like Tommy; violently delusional and sociopathic like Begbie; and too smart for their own good and/or too addicted to the culture of those younger than themselves like Renton (crazy pedophile junkie that he is).

One would think this would be an impossible comparison, but at the same time I think the movie has more to do with reality than the nuts at the caucus. Okay, I’ve never done drugs of any type. As far as I could tell, nor had the local Republicans. I have some Scottish relatives, but if I showed up at a bar in Scotland asking for the restroom, it’s me who’d be getting his ass kicked. I suppose I would stick to ASDA just like I do here (or the Scottish version of the Piggly-Wiggly, whatever). Nope, I’m a prude and a sanctimonious, conservative prig compared to those guys, and yet I felt so alienated by the political party I was born into dying in my own vomit is what I sometimes wish on myself.

Still, there is a point where art films are too based on idealized fantasy that I am forced to recognize the Mormon, Utah republicans feel they have the weight of the world on their broad and capable shoulders. If my district has its say, Senator Hatch will survive another day. The Provo poverty districts tend to be just a little bit more liberal than say American Fork, Orem or Sandy even if they voted holding their noses. I hope the Tea Party freaks wake up in the morning to the shock Spud does with a pile of poop on their personal members.


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