Substitute Teaching: Assembly (CUE 1.12 & 13)

Today was the opposite of yesterday. Yesterday was the worst. Doldrums.

I disagree with Dante on what hell would be. Hell is boring. Nothing going on. Nothing going on to the point of torment. Sitting around doing nothing to the point where Dante’s fires would be welcome. Where the fire is heaven in comparison. Concrete walls, nearly comfortable chairs, almost sufficient lighting and well fitting clothing, but nothing to do, no one to talk to, nothing to see except the concrete walls  and nothing to hear: hell.

Yesterday, there was nothing to do. We watched the Price is Right. We played bingo. We talked about current events. We talked about Barbie. We ate lunch. We had snack. I took reports. I made sure people did their chores. Routine routine routine. Boredom. Pure hell.

Everyone knew it. I knew it. The trainees knew it. A, who on Monday went bonkers, decided to do it again just so he could keep routine as constant as possible. AE on my team was working on her indoor voice so well, I was thinking about letting her be as loud as she wanted.

Today was the opposite of yesterday. Today was heaven in comparison. As everyone was leaving yesterday, pallet after pallet of boxes to be assembled were being stuffed into the loading area. Finally something different. No doldrums for five minutes or so.

Today we assembled boxes all day long and everyone was happy. These guys love to work. AE was my box runner. Box runners pick-up empties and drop off completed boxes. She ran boxes the entire time and laughed and giggled the whole time. Hundreds of boxes. TC didn’t grumble and CC didn’t try to manipulate anyone. ML was even respectful. Heaven. The heaters were on all day and we felt we were on fire, but sweating all day in a building with poor ventilation assembling boxes is heaven compared to the doldrums.

Tomorrow will be heaven, too. Woot.


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