Substitute Teaching: Assembly (CUE 1.11)

Well, drama again at work, but not that bad. There was nothing for anyone to do, so we had to make stuff up. We watched the Price is Right and then we did current events. Everyone was able to keep their cool most of the day, but eventually there was a meltdown.

A, who is on another team, has Tourette’s syndrome and is autistic as well. He is harmless for the most part. His twitches manifest with hops and blinking. He does not sit still very well. He generally an okay guy to be around and I get along with most of the time. Today, he was being bugged by his neighbor. She was telling him what to do and was telling him to stop hopping and twitching. He of course has no control over this behavior where C does not have to constantly hassle him. She was unhappy for some unknown reason and would not stop bugging A. During bingo, A had finally had enough and threw his chips at C and the punched her really hard. 

The supervisor’s chased him out of the building and worked to deescalate him. An hour later, I was talking to my crew and they brought A over to our table and sat him next to me. Eventually, he started to escalate again. In order to not get him upset, I started excusing people from the table. Finally everyone was away from the table and A started swinging his hands around. Gesticulating wildly, he started swearing. I slowly put everything I had on the table in my bag, the entire time speaking slowly to him. Eventually I got up and walked away right when he started going nuts again. He pounded on the table, swearing the entire time. Right then his ride showed up. He jumped up and exclaimed how he hated everyone and would never come back.

Other than A getting extra excited, today was a nice easy day. I hope there is work tomorrow. That always puts everyone at ease.


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