Substitute Teaching: Assembly (CUE 1.10)

I’ll be back at CUE tomorrow. Five more days. It will be a lot of fun. I like everyone there, but I am getting a little antsy. It is a bit hard to get used to being in one spot for so long.

I suppose the thing that is getting to me is that there is only a certain amount of drama that I can deal with. At most work places, people generally don’t bring the amount drama to work that these folks do, but most people don’t have these kinds of disabilities. I would like to tell them all to just shut up. If I were supervising them without their disabilities, I’d have half of them written up and one of them on the steps of termination.

Other than their constant drama, they are very nice. I like everyone of them in their own way. CC is often the most challenging. He is the former gang-banger. His past life interferes with his ability to be patient with others. His machismo. He does not see he has the same problems the others do. Plus he is so manipulative. He works them against each other and then he ridicules them. He does most of this when he thinks I am not looking.

CF is the opposite. He is very insular and quite educated, but so OCD he’s incapable of doing anything. I caught him doing calculus the other day. He is autistic, but he is constantly calculating, counting and assessing. If one did not know his disability and if he could sit still for a while, one would think he is a BYU student with an interest in mathematics or physics. He knows his education is better than most and he hates being around the others. He was surprised I caught an error with the calculus. I’ve got an arrangement with him. If he is patient with the supervisors here, I’ll buy him a root beer on Fridays. He liked the one I got him this last Friday after work.

At the same time, both of these young men are very much alike. Two men who do not feel they belong and yet there really is no place for them anywhere else. I think they know this deep down and that may be why they have problems acting appropriately.


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