Substitute Teaching: Assembly (CUE 1.09)

While I’m typing this, I’m watching dirty jobs. I have to tell you the job I’ve been doing for the last two weeks is a bit dirty. The guys on my team do chores to try and keep the dust and bits of foam and cardboard from accumulating. Everyday, I come in thinking we’ve done a great day the previous day in cleaning to find more mess. As a substitute teacher, part of what I do is help the workers learn how to clean well. I have experience in this, I was in the army where OCD behavior is highly valued.

This is where RO and BE come in. Both of them would have been highly cherished members of the US Army. Neither can handle the sight of mess. “Aaron, can I go sweep the unloading bay?” “Aaron, I’m going to dust the pallet stack” “Aaron, the men’s bathroom smells bad, can you get the boys to clean it up?” “Aaron can I scrub up the dustpan?”

RO is the lady I have to make sure does not fixate on a man who does not even work here, but she has something new everyday. Today she was fighting over this dude with L and D who are on another team, but they too are fixated on this dude. I met this guy and he can’t stand the fan mail he gets. His father is livid at the calls his son gets at his group-home and the family-home. Keep in mind, this dude is my age as are RO, L & D, but their middle-school like fixation was cute at 12yrs old, but at 40ish, it gets tiresome. But in love and war . . .

BE thinks work-place relationships are inappropriate, so when ever there is a new development in the ongoing love-quadrangle I hear it from her first. Today, the bus driver had to pull off I-15 to tell RO, L & D to knock off their jealousy-driven cat-fight. They were late irritating all the passengers. After BE told me, RO, L, D & Miha told me. Miha had her tiny fists on her gangster-like Polynesian hips and was pointing very firmly at each one threateningly. The way BE tells me all this is in her monotone chatter mixed in with discussion of the weather, current events and how CC is annoying her again.

Fortunately, they are easily distracted: “Ummm, did you see the mess over by the forklift.” “Yes I did, can I go sweep that up please.” “Yes you may.”


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