Substitute Teaching: Assembly (CUE 1.08)

Well, I spent most of my day dealing with AE & ML. M from another team did AE’s chore (cleaning the doors) and AE was afraid she would get fired. It took a long time for her to calm down. I talked it over with the other supervisor and we changed the chore rotation. M only wants to clean the doors and AE will do any chore I ask of her. AE’s new Wednesday chore is to clean the filing cabinets and to make sure there is no dust on top.

With ML, she started giving attitude to another supervisor and was excluded from making mini-pizzas. I then sat her down and went over the support-plan that was written for her by her case-worker and the last supervisor. I told her she needs to get her act together for when the new supervisor starts to work at CUE. She was quite upset by all of this, and feeling picked on she withdrew into a shell and refused to come out all day.

Oh, well.

Another pair I want to tell you about are TC and RP. RP just moved out of the State Mental Hospital this weekend after a couple years of therapy. TC lived there for decades. Both of them are the opposite of AE & ML; they try everything they can to stay out of the way. They have what the other supervisors call the “Institutional Shuffle.”

TC has prison tattoos and children. No one knows much of his history except what we gather from his mumbles and delusional rants said in near whispers. He is a great worker. He is constantly looking for things to do to keep moving. When he is standing still he mumbles and rants, so sweeping and mopping are activities he likes. He is also very alert. He can tell when we are discussing him from across the work bay when everyone is working and chattering. I really appreciate having him on the team because he is so reliable.

RP also has tattoos, but they are of things you would expect of a man with autism: Disney Characters. He rarely speaks. He only speaks when he is spoken to and usually only says no. I think this is just an auto-response. I ask him as many open-ended questions as possible. He converses quite well when I do this. I have discovered from these conversations that CUE needs to buy some men’s magazines. There are tons of women’s magazines. RP loves reading magazines, but he would rather read about motorcycles instead of makeovers. Different than TC, he is LAZY. He is fantastic at dodging work. He has perfected that Beetle Bailey skill of being invisible, so when it is time to work he is difficult to find.

I really like both TC & RP. I wonder why they were in the State Mental Hospital. I know from TC’s tats, he must’ve committed some sort of crime to get there, but know one knows anything about him. RP lived in a trailer court in Southern Utah until his family all went to prison for meth production and distribution and the state discovered him.


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