Substitute Teaching: Assembly (CUE 1.07)

I have to apologize for using initials when discussing students and the workers at CUE. A few weeks ago, I went to a seminar about the privacy expectations for students I have to teach. This expectation is not required for a regular teacher, it is just another special rule for substitute teachers. I appreciate it though, many subs have no real education and most have had little to no training in professional ethics. I should have known better before when I discussed the students at Provo Post (which I see everyday and get a chance to speak to often).

I do want to tell you though about two of my students: AE and ML. Both are interesting women and the ones I was supposed to watch out for when I got here. Both gave their last supervisor/teacher a lot of grief. I like them both, however I have learned why the warning was warranted.

AE is the younger. She has the very loudest voice I’ve heard in a woman including all the soldiers I knew in the army and she is quite competitive. The only thing is her disability gets in the way of her strong desire to win. The thing I think the last teacher missed is her fantastic attitude and innate happiness. She chatters the entire time. All day long. I have her working on an old goal her high school teacher told me about: indoor voices. I laughed so hard when I brought it up to her. Her volume decreased immediately. She has been such a good sport and everyone has noticed how wonderful she has been since I brought it up with her.

ML is older and went though high school without anyone noticing her disability until she ran into problems with the law. She is efficient and seemingly quite intelligent. It is until one asks her to do something more than basic. One of her other interesting traits is her inability to tell the truth. She is also a kleptomaniac and a horrible mooch. It is such a pain to talk to her about things I want, I need her to do. She becomes offended quickly and then swings into profanity. She is particularly impatient with her coworkers who she thinks is slower or incompetent. She bullies AE horribly.

The interesting thing is that the psychologists actually rate AE as the more cognitive of the two, but ML’s disability is not obvious. It takes a sharp eye. Many of the students do not think she has a problem and so she takes advantage of it saying she is an unofficial supervisor.

I have a hard task ahead: I have to reign in ML. I am not looking forward to it at all, however the other staff think I am the only one who can even if I am only here for a short time more.


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