Substitute Teaching: Assembly (CUE 1.03)

It just kicked in this morning. I was pulling people aside in my group trying to build consensus about how we would work as a team. I haven’t supervised people in a “work” setting in years. Last night when I was drifting off to sleep, I was thinking about goals. Uhg.

Nothing bad of course, management has always just bugged me. I like to teach and I loved training, but the set up here is very goal centered. It is run like a business, so with out trying I slipped back into that mode. There was one thing I forgot to make sure to resolve before everyone left: RO got into a fight with M on the way to work. Both of them have set up territories at home and on the van for the carpool to work. RO has been encroaching on M, because she would like to spend more time with another passenger in the carpool. M, however, isn’t having it.

When they walked in, I was talking to CF about his rotten attitude and how we could make sure there wouldn’t be a problem. J tattled on them and after finishing my conversation with CF, I went over to where RO was trying to apologize to a teary-eyed M. The van-driver told RO she had to apologize.

I walked over and asked: “Is this work related?” “No.” “So, why are we talking about this at work?” “Because she . . .” “Okay [RO], you have to apologize, but after work. Do not talk to M today.” “But . . . but . . .” “No, leave home problems at home and work at work.”

I forgot to be sure RO was going to apologize on the bus.

Both of these women are great workers and have good attitudes. One of the problems is that the supervisor I am subbing for has not been strong in enforcing her own goal plans. From reading her notes, I get the impression she did not think her team members were capable of normal behavior. After reading their backgrounds, I know they are capable of responsible decision making. M has Downs and RO has autism, but they are quite high-functioning. Both graduated from regular high-school, not special-ed. Everyone in my group is a high school graduate and they are proud of it. They are literate. Both RO and M have read the Twilight series and understand it. I think they should be treated like they are emotionally literate as well.

Don’t get me wrong, some of employees at CUE have severe disabilities, but not the ones on my team. They need to be treated like the adults they are.


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