Substitute Teaching: Assembly (CUE 1.01)

I went to Provo Post High School today thinking I was gonna be working with one of the three groups over there. I was going to be subbing for a teacher who just quit to work as a para-educator at Springville High, she however worked with the adults who work assembling boxes that helps fund Provo Post High School. I think I told you the school has problems getting funding, so they work to fund themselves. The classes I helped before shredded documents for the Provo School District in addition to learning life skills.

Well, I was hired for two weeks by Provo Post High School to work with Central Utah Enterprises (CUE) as they assemble boxes, bean bag chairs and whatever else to fund Provo Post High School’s mission. The folks I work with went to Provo Post High School before (most of them anyway) and now work in CUE’s setting while they apply for jobs in the community. Many do not get jobs outside of CUE because they lack social skills or focus skills.

When I worked at Wal-Mart, I met adults who worked at ATEK, which does basically the same thing except up in the Alpine School District. These guys were cart-pushers, janitors or unloaders. The Lindon Wal-Mart loves these guys because they are never late, never cause drama and for the most part out-work the employees who do not have cognitive-disabilities. Dougie, a cart pusher at the Lindon Wal-Mart, is one of the highest paid employees there because he beats all benchmarks earning the full raise. He lives at home and so his income helps he parents and also goes into life insurance policies so when he is too old to work, he will be able to live. Plus, those cart-pushers are hilarious and work in the harshest conditions.

As time goes on, I’ll tell you about the eight adults who I work with. Here are a few interesting things I learned:

  • Two of them are older than me
  • One was in a local gang, but because of gang-related injuries his new cognitive-disabilities place him here
  • They are very competitive bingo players
  • All of them live in half-way houses or group homes (one lives at the state mental hospital which is here in Provo)
  • Three went on LDS missions as service-missionaries
  • I have to remind them, if it comes up, that there should not be dating relationships at work
  • I’m supposed to pray so it does not snow on March first, one of their birthdays

Anyway, I had an interesting day. There is certainly a lot of interesting jobs a substitute teacher can get.


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