Substitute Teaching: Resource Math (TVHS 3.2)

Well, I finally met the hooligan who was such a threat. He’s a little guy trying to act tough for the bigger, older guys in the class. He was simple to deal with. I ignored him and spoke to the upperclassmen who were wearing gang colors (Timpview is mostly grey). When the tests were all handed in, we watched Welcome Back Kotter.

The kids loved the show. They thought it was silly and they could identify with it. I found the video  next to the teacher’s laptop. In the last five minutes while we were cleaning up the class, I asked if they had ever seen the show. They said no, but they recognized many of the jokes their teacher had told them. They figured out they were the Sweathogs at Timpview. The connection they have with the show is different than mine, but it is interesting that they were still able to find one. They laughed at different jokes, but they still liked the basic corniness of the humor.

I wonder what went wrong with that other sub. I found out he is no longer allowed to sub in the Provo or Alpine School Districts. What a dingus.

Earlier in the day, I taught one of my very best friend’s daughters. I met Tammy when I was just learning to be a single father. She had just left her abusive husband. We both were working for Convergys Corp on the phones looking for stability and trying to realign our lives so we could be at home in the evenings with our kids. Tammy’s case was the hard one, she was going through a contested divorce with a finically secure man. Her family supported him. She was as alone as that leaf that refuses to fall during blizzards. I was lucky, my ex just left.

I can type for hours and thousands of words about Tammy’s misadventures, trials and five wonderful children. Her daughter is the third of four kids from her first husband. When I called her daughter’s name in the role, I was very surprised to see how she turned out. I had not seen her in quite a while. She has grown to be a very tall and beautiful young woman. My favorite memories are from when she was in preschool and first grade. I have that stupid habit of seeing my daughter, my sisters, my niece and the other daughters of friends who are now grown up as they were when they were young, innocent and filled with nothing but smiles, giggles, mischief and the silliest of fashion accessories like oversized sunglasses, shoes that light-up, crazy keychain collections, glittery stickers, raggedy pony-tails and knee patches on their jeans and overalls.

I FaceBooked Tammy and let her know I had won the internal fight I had to not call her daughter by her childhood nickname. Tall girls always have that insecurity of being tall when all their buddies are that perfect height. Tammy FaceBooked back “George’s” appreciation.


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