Substitute Teaching: Resource Math (TVHS 3.1)

The problem with teaching at Timpview is that I live in their area. The risk is that I would know some of the kids that go there. Today I taught three kids that live in my complex. The further problem is that the resource kids at Timpview are the gangbangers and potheads. Just kidding. Only some of the gangbangers and potheads at Timpview are in resource.

One of the first questions I got was what kind of pot do I smoke. I said I don’t smoke pot, that I  never have nor ever smoked cigarettes. The kid was in shock. He wouldn’t believe it. One of the other kids said just because the sub has a beard and wears a hobo hoodie that doesn’t mean he smokes pot. The first kid said okay and then asked what kind of beer I drank.

I started calling roll.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to teach anything. They were taking a test and then doing a large packet.

The other question I kept getting asked was if the other sub is in jail for throwing down on the kid yesterday.

Huh? What?

During lunch, I asked the teacher next door what happened. The sub yesterday was asked about sex. Instead of doing what a sub is supposed to do when asked about sex (defer to the parents and teacher), he told them all about it. He told them about his sex life. He then started talking about how liberating it is to be gay. He then started talking about abortion. When one of the boys got lippy about it, the sub said that maybe that kid’s parents should have aborted him.


The kid turned out to be a gangbanger who threw his book and started yelling at the sub. The sub yelled back. The gangbanger stood up and started throwing chairs around. Hearing the girls in the class scream, a teacher from down the hall–a seventy-five year old, semi-retired, emeritus professor from BYU–walked into class and quieted everything down. The principal and the cops showed up not much later. The teacher I was talking to made the phone call to the office. The cops arrested the kid and the school fired the sub. The principal finished teaching the class.

I get those guys tomorrow. Yay. I bet that gangbanger is from this neighborhood. I’m not too worried. For one thing, I don’t talk about sex with regular adults much less kids I didn’t father and I never talk about abortion with anyone unless it is though my blog, in a forum or if it is someone I know and trust (my abortion opinion is different and abortion fights tend to be stupidly ideological). I also know, if I’m gonna insult a gangbanger, it had better be funny so he/she doesn’t think of stabbing me in the parking lot or slashing my car tires. (I wonder if there is going to be a law-suit–lawyers being the real scary gangbangers.)


6 thoughts on “Substitute Teaching: Resource Math (TVHS 3.1)

    • I worked at a bank in Seoul for six years. I knew loads of English teachers while I was there. I also taught a group of high school boys that lived in my neighborhood for four of the years I was there in my living room on Sundays. EFL in Korea is hard. I hope you are having more fun with the students than trouble with the academy.

  1. I bet you were great. I teach gangbangers, ex-gangbangers, wanna-be gangbangers, which are the worst, and I never have a problem. Humor works well. But more than anything, respect is the key. So many of these tough kids are big mush-balls, and they get even mushier in classroom settings, in which they feel out of control–hence, the anger. A smile and a handshake goes a long way, I find.

    I’d love to hear how this went.


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