Interesting errands today. Jim had me captive. He and I go shopping every other Saturday. Jim  talked Star Wars. There was no deflecting him. We went to breakfast at Golden Coral (better titled Golden Pig Trough) and then spent an hour at the Lindon Wal-Mart. He nattered about Star Wars the entire time.

I ah-huhhed, okayed & and you-betchaed the entire time.

I love Star Wars. I love the movies, even the Prequels. I just refuse to read the hack-fiction–he wants literary analysis. He is starting to get my post-moden arguments with Kevin.

Brain sludge prevents conversation. For the last week, I’ve not gotten enough sleep. My knee throbs and one of Ken’s cats, Shadow, wakes me up at four or five to get attention. Most nights, I don’t mind cats, but with my knee, it takes a long time to fall asleep again. Shadow uses her claws to brush my eyelids waking me. She’s gentle, but needle-sharp claws hooking my eyelid by wackadoo wanting patting for fifteen minutes makes sleep a fleeting commodity.

When I went to Andy and Crystal’s for dinner (his Parmesan Chicken Catetori is fantastic–having a chef for a son is great). They wanted to play full-contact Monopoly (I’m the reigning family champion demanding unseating). I just couldn’t focus on conversations and kept repeating myself. I finally excused myself and drove home promising to play next weekend (Crystal’s still not played me, but the carnage “sounds intriguing” she says–yeah, I’m excited).

Driving Rob home, we watched the clouds cross the Ochre Mountains from the West Desert and thump onto Utah Lake. I need snow accumulation. I sleep so well during snow storms hearing tinkling flakes tripping, singing to each other.


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