(no 2 pencil)


2 thoughts on “Football

    • I cheat. The process takes about three hours for each of my drawings (pen, pencil, sharpie whatever). I draw a picture to a point where I’m satisfied and then scan it as a PDF. I then shade the drawing further and scan again. I shade a third time and scan.

      I then open PhotoShop and work all three into layers where each is set a certain percentage of black opacity (usually: 100, 50 & 20%). If you look at any of my drawings, including the color pictures, there are typically only three tones. If I feel additional emphasis is needed, I’ll add a bolder color like today’s and Tuesday’s red into the flat, white background.

      I have a wonderful Derwent Graphic sent with twenty pencils. I can pull off the same effect (or better) without the computer, however the beauty of graphite does not scan or photograph well. The subtlety of paper and tip-pressure is always lost. This is why I use PhotoShop and the three layers trick. The drawback to this trick is the amount of time it takes. I spend far more time on the computer than I would with a pencil in my hand. Hopefully scanners will get better.

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