There and Back Again: A Driving Journey

“Well, I’m back.” That’s what Sam said anyway as his wife dropped a child in his lap by the fire. No fire in my apartment and if any of my children dropped in my lap I’d throw them off.Too old and too big. And that wife business: oh my.

Anyway. I pulled in this morning with my truck full of Andy and Crystal’s junk at my parents house, made sure Andy and Crystal went to sleep and then got a ride back to my apartment. Once in, I went to sleep. I just woke up. My calves are still sore after cumulatively 24 hours of driving. My head is still a tad blurry and I am honestly tired of sitting down.

I drove down to San Diego on Friday evening in a rental, slept down there for five hours, turned in the rental, got in my truck and drove straight back.

I can still feel the zombie eye rings. There were no cars on the road in either direction from Parowan to Nephi, UT and my iPod ran out of batteries as I zipped out of Beaver after filling up at the closed Chevron (I love credit card pay at the pump). Four hours of nothin’ but my headlights, the occasional desert critter and engine drone will make someone nuts. Even the big rigs had pulled off and were sleeping.

Andy and Crystal got here driving a Honda and had no problems on the hills, so were way ahead. My twenty-two year old Nissan is carburetored, so I did the hills (often many miles long) at about forty miles an hour.

Anyway, I just got called to go to dinner with the kids. I’ll post a complete tale when I get back.


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