Provo Post High School II part 3

Today was a pretty standard day for the class. Except for lunch.

Once a week in all the Provo School District schools I’ve subbed in, the lunch people make something that is not filling or tastes nasty. Today was French toast sticks, sausage, hash browns and orange slices. This meal is tiny and tastes nasty. When this meal was served to the kids at Timpview, there were mass tardies right after lunch as everyone who could get off campus to eat did. The lines at Gandolfo’s were huge. The other teachers said this was normal and some told me it was going to happen when I was eating in the teachers lounge and to not hassle the kids about the tardy, just to mark them..

Jesus at Provo Post was just as unhappy with the meal, except he doesn’t have a car to drive off to get something else. He was ticked and very hungry. He started lunging at other students meals in an attempt to get more to eat. The other students were intent on their own meals so it was like a one man tornado. He had to be restrained until the other kids were able to eat. This caused a problem, because Eric, who needs help to eat, started getting impatient as his helper was restraining Jesus. I was spoon-feeding Ty his pureed lunch (he’s the wheelchair bound student and can’t chew or hold utensils), so I could not help Eric. Once Becca was done, she started noticing the problem and tried to help Eric, but since she is as disabled as Eric is, a huge mess ensued. His milk ended up in his lap and the syrup that went with the food got smeared on his face. Once Moni finished her food (she was the student Jesus was targeting the most), they were able to coral Jesus and get Eric cleaned up and fed.

Jesus calmed down as quick as all the food disappeared, but when I was eating my lunch (coleslaw, pop-tarts and a coke) he and Eric made grabs at my food. I grew up in family of six boys, so I know how to keep poachers at bay, but obviously these guys just did not get enough to eat. If mainstream high school students are willing to take a tardy over a minuscule lunch, then I can definitely understand why the students in my class were acting out.


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