Provo Post High School II part 1


Well, I got called back to Provo Post High School today. I was in a different class, but with six students of the same ability as last time. The key difference is that one of them is in a wheelchair and there are two women in the class.

The theme for the class today was Popeye the Sailor. I guess it is Popeye’s birthday. Some of the other classes listened to Popeye music, watched Popeye cartoons and watched the movie with Robin Williams. The class I am in until Friday does not like change too much and so we didn’t. I did go in to visit the class I taught last week and they were singing (as well as they could) the Popeye theme song. It was very funny. Even funnier that a couple actually knew more of the words than did I.

In our class, we focused on reorienting the students to their old routine from before Christmas break. The teacher I am subbing for actually quit and so it has been hard to get the students back on track with the loss of someone they trusted, with the long Christmas holiday and with the different subs they’ve had since the holiday.

My job was to watch the students while the teacher was helping others with the bathroom or other distractions. It was easy. The students behaved well and they seemed to enjoy themselves. That is until movie time (Tuesdays is movie day for this class). We watched Tarzan and while the movie was playing, one of the students, Becca, decided it was time to start yelling. I have no idea where it came from, but the teacher said it could be some memory of her abusive childhood that for some reason might be associated with the movie.

She would not settle until the movie was over, but the other students ignored her. That would not have happened in a mainstream class. Chaos would have broken out, especially if a sub was there.


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