Space . . . Why Aren’t WE There Yet

One of my biggest problems with the space program is that regular people are not allowed to be involved in the program and that we actually don’t live up there. It’s like the place is being held in reserve for the super-evolved people: astronauts or the super-rich (like that dingus from Virgin Airlines).

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The second is: why are we still doing space walks? Space walking is ridiculous. How about space cars? Space Trucks? Space Scooters? Space Pontoon Boats? Space Log Rafts? A person (not an astronaut–the super-evolved aren’t really human after all) needs stuff when they are in space and no space-satchel or bat-belt is gonna have enough room for whatever one needs. Besides, the crap NASA puts into space is boring looking. NASA engineers have the creative imaginations of ants: “any thing that works for the hive works for me.” Why not make something cool, that can do stuff and that doesn’t make space boring (space walking is stupid–NASA needs space drag races to make life interesting up there).

Oh, I have more complaints about NASA other than elitism and being boring, but most of that has to do with political policy-makers who think it is impossible to go to space and repair the problems here on Earth.

True environmentalism means getting as many people into space as possible making the Earth a planetary conservation reserve.

What about the interstellar job market?

NASA: The science is nice, but:

  • Be practical and put the practical in space. NO MORE SUPER HUMANS.
  • Science is nice, but what about manufacturing and the then manufacturing staff? I’d be a space janitor in a micro-second.
  • Stop being boring! Make stuff the people like.

(Micron Pens & PhotoShop)

Policy-makers: stop being retarded about space.


7 thoughts on “Space . . . Why Aren’t WE There Yet

  1. As a ‘teacher’ you know that 1) we are less than one googol of a percent “of” space. 2) As a reference to how society implements then loses technologies: Thomas Edison is credited with the invention of electricity. Yet, small casks were found in Roman tombs that were found to be able to produce illumination via simple acid/cupric interaction. To lend a further kibble of thought: Tesla’s Dynamo in Niagara Falls still WORKS. It takes time to become fully ready for what we want. It takes a lot of prescience to see that what we do doesn’t ruin the future of what we were provided with, since we can’t make more.

    • Thanks for the comment and for reading my post, I appreciate it. Agreeing with point one and understanding point two, I do not think we will be “fully ready” for anything if we act like a bunch of neanderthals looking at the fish in the sea, never getting our feet wet and never catching dinner.

  2. So true… sigh. People from third world countries will never even get the chance to go beyond the sky. Someday… someday we’ll shall each own private rockets. 😛

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