Orem Junior High School II

(Parker ball point pen & sharpie)

Today was the second assignment I’ve had at Orem Junior High School. I am very glad they called me back. For a new sub that is a big deal.

I taught the same group I taught before (here, here, here and here) except for forth period when I subbed a Physical Education class.

It was nice to meet Nick, Dulce, Josh, Cody, Jacob, Stephanny, Chase, Candace, Jose, Asia, Adrian, Skyler, Winston, Alec and the many others (even if some of them think otherwise). The reason I mention the students above is because they are a group of at-risk-kids in a particular program in the school. This class is much like Dixon’s resource class I subbed for before (here), just not so many at once and where there is a para (even if the kids have less respect for her than for anyone). I actually like these guys a lot and think they are pretty funny. Nick called me Mr. Jesus whenever he addressed me.

First period was math. The teacher, Mr. Henshaw, set-up a great plan where we would split the class into three groups between me, Mr. Serassio (another math teacher) and the para, Mrs. Chrstensen. I still had the biggest group with the worst attitudes, but I am better equipped to deal with them (according to the other two teachers and Mr. Henshaw’s letter). The plan worked well. Mr. H specifically told me to let Nick, Adrian, Jose and Josh to sit at the computers and do their own thing and to focus on the other seven students. This worked great until the four at the computers noticed I wasn’t paying them any attention. They then started acting out, but I ignored them and kept a good record of what they did leaving their behavior for Mr. H to deal with. The other kids though got some one-on-one attention as we learned the distributive property (a subject most kids see in forth or fifth grade).

The two reading classes went fine. Even the one Adrian went to. The picture above comes from a two minute sketch I took while second period was doing pair reading.

The final cap was the PE class. I loved it. When I was a kid I never took PE, because I was a student athlete in football, wrestling and swimming. Still it was good. One of the other PE coaches told me I was a natural and took my number so he could call me if he needed a sub.


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