Broken Record (a response comic)

(pen & sharpie)

I know I should be a bit more generous, but I have been in way too many poetry workshops to let something go. The original subject matter is cliche (except to the original artist, right (here)).

To be honest, untitled4life is a good artist which is what attracted me to the strip. Good stick figure comics are hard to come by. I also like the handwriting and color choices. I think if I were to offer a recommendation (other than the strip is a bit cliche), I would recommend a panel inserted between ps 2 & 3 showing the protagonist being dumped.

One of the strongest elements of the strip is p1 and the yellow, streetlight illumination. Good job there.


5 thoughts on “Broken Record (a response comic)

    • Mary:

      I did draw this. A response comic is when I see something and then draw a response to it. I don’t have to tell anyone I’m doing that, I could just post the picture, but I think it is often the best if I let people know what inspired me. It’s just something I do. No one else needs to, goodness.

      Thanks for asking.

    • Yes, I do wish there was a comic, cartoon or web-comic category. I also wish there was a theme for cartoonists specifically, other than the comicpress stuff intended for people who own their own site and know enough HTML and Java to make it work. It’s like we are shunted off to our own little ghetto or something. That’s okay, though. If there ends up being enough demand, I’m sure it’ll happen.

      Thanks for the compliment, Mary, I appreciate it.

  1. is comicpress a website?

    yea, i figure if enough of us post cartoons, it’ll become a category.

    and you are welcome. i am totally new to this. until 2 weeks ago i painted realism from life or photos. then i just thought i’d give this a try. i love it so much it’s nuts. it’s like every day i can’t wait to see what i paint!

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