Main Street

Main Street Trax (photo manipulation)

Tonight, I’ve been listening to the New Hampshire primary results and some of the interviews while reading news sites.

Two things hit me:

  1. Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R), who represents my district in Washington DC, said on Hannity the only experience President Obama had prior to politics was with K Street (court street) and that he and his allies have done nothing but hurt small businesses and the middle class (sorry I don’t have the quote).
  2. Vice-President Joe Biden (D), as reported by, said: “Republicans ignore the ‘grand bargain that has allowed the middle class to prosper in the last century'” (here).

I think both of these guys are wrong. Neither the Republican Party nor the Democratic Party right now support small business owners.

  • Republicans support big business. The ones that push small businesses out of the market.
  • Democrats support the notion of “Too Big to Fail,” keeping Do-Do Bird multinationals from going under.
  • Republicans support the big banks by making it easier for them to compete internationally by giving them tax-breaks that are not available to smaller banks.
  • Democrats supported the existence of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, the semi-government lending institutions that started the whole finical crisis in the first place by making billions of dollars in bad loans.
  • Republicans support stock-holders and their profit first ideals, but simultaneously not increasing the survivability of sole-proprietorships through parallel tax breaks: small businesses pay more taxes than investors.
  • Democrats support labor-unions that are only interested in companies big enough to hire union employees or make it impossible for a small business to hire non-union because of union lobbyists in national and local government.

I think both parties fail the middle-class and small business. I also think the tea-partiers and the occupiers have done a piss-poor job of showing how they are supporting the Great American Main Street.

Last political cycle it was health care, well care is worse. I hope this time as politicians from both parties focus on the economy, they focus on the middle-class and main street with real action and not rhetoric. Right now, they are failing on par with the health care foul up (a foul up created by both parties).


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