Weekend of Cold

(photo manipulation)

This weekend, I have been of spending a lot of time outside.

Yesterday, Jim and I went shopping with Kevin, a friend from our DnD group. My car is missing until the end of January, so Kevin is our wheels to the store. Once we had finished our shopping, I took the bus to Salt Lake to go to the VA hospital. The trip was about six hours long most of which was waiting around for weekend-schedule buses and trains. I’ve already been dealing with a cold, so standing around bus stops and trax-sations has made the sniffles, sneezes, shakes and wheezes worse.

Today, I was asked by a friend to go out and do some door-to-door, fast-offering fund-raising (LDS, community-based fund-raising for the poor, not sales or proselytizing). We were out for about three hours in the below freezing air. So, now I’m sick.

I do not draw well when I’m sick and my writing is even weaker than normal. My typing is two-fingered, henpecked mittening and I can not stop shivering.

Would I do it again ? . . . yes, I’d have to.


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