The Secret Darth

(Parker Ball-Point Pen)

Bob Anderson died today. Bob Anderson “The Secret Darth Vader.” Quite a bummer.

I was planning on doing a tribute anyway since I have always loved Star Wars, but today I was able to channel the right kind of anger. I got the following from BioWare:

We do apologize but SWTOR will not be able to run on Mac IOS. We don’t have any information yet to when this will happen, but we will keep you posted on the SWTOR webpage and SWTOR FAQ’s in the future.

Boy, did that piss me off. I am so mad at Apple and all the Apple-hating developers out there. I am a MAC user, because I do not like Windows. It is a clunky, clumsy, weak, poorly wrought and dangerous operating system. I’m not naive, OSX is barely better, but the MAC off the shelf is magnificently superior to anything else at the Best Buy. I refuse to join the chorus of tools who build their own computers (just in the same way I got into fist-fights with the motor-heads in the 80s: the patronizing, pretentious, superiority complexes 99.999% hard-ware geeks have deserves nothing less).

I do use Windows-based computers, I have been playing SWTOR on a laptop, but why use a lesser system when I have a great computer.

This narrow-mindedness displayed by a gaming company and the bigotry of their MAC-hating minions just got me into one of those moods that only a light-saber and in my case a Parker Ball-Point Pen could cure.

Bioware: Stop being stupid. Near religious hatred of other operating systems is annoying.

Bob: sorry about the rage and rant, but it helped channel your Darth.


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