Open Email to Rep Chaffetz of Utah regarding SOPA; HR 3261

Mr. Chaffetz:

I am writing you to express my opposition to HR 3261 or the ironically titled SOPA. The following are three reasons I am against the proposed measure:

1. The language of the bill is entirely too broad. I understand that this is the nature of writing legislation, but as a long-form, web-comic artist this could affect me if I depict items in the background of my panels that might offend a company, organization or foreign government that then could use their economic and new found legislative power to punish me thus inhibiting my access to free speech.

2. The bill, as written, would be quite ineffectual against actual internet piracy as i-pirates would be able to launch quickly new sites and endeavors almost immediately after any action taken. I-piracy is often based internationally and would be immune to any actual, meaningful action. A second part of this point is that new government functionaries would need to be hired to enforce this pointless law and the many other pointless laws currently on the books thus increasing government spending and further gullerverizing the American economic engine during doubt-filled financial times.

3. International competitors would reciprocate. Nations that do not agree with American cultural, political, economic and religious positions could then use similar laws to exclude important voices from being heard internationally. I do not write inflammatory comics, but others do like the Dutch cartoon depicting Muhammed as terrorist with a bomb in his turban. This proposed law could also block access to religious web-sites based in the US. Many nations have state-religions and could adopt hate-based regulation to block religious organizations from being able present their message. Secular nations might also do the same conceiving religious communication as dangerous.

Again, I state my opposition to SOPA HR 3261 and I hope you oppose it as well.

I appreciate the time you and your staff has taken in reading my email. I know you are busy, but if you have the opportunity to act against this absurd, ineffectual but possibly dangerous legislation I would really appreciate it.


Aaron Guile


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