Meeting Crystal–Woot

Andy was nervous.

I was too tired to be nervous, but I also had issues with coherence (long drive and all that).

Before we left for California, Andy let me know it was going to be hard to meet Crystal the night we got there, because Crystal’s two sisters who had just arrived would be using Crystal’s car. Andy also stated that most likely he would not be able to meet me for the same reason. Basically, we would be on our own until Thursday morning.

I had no problem with that. I had a full beard and shoulder length hair and was intent on trimming both back significantly. Unfortunately, I had run out of time before leaving and so I was going to do so once I got to California.

Once we past LA, Andy let me know he would be meeting us. He had borrowed his roommate’s car. I let him know that I still wanted a haircut and trim, but he insisted Crystal didn’t care. I still trimmed my beard when I got to the motel before even taking a leak.

Crystal is awesome.

She is a redhead and that is enough to make me happy, but of course there is more. She is funny, smart, educated, very musical (plays the piano fantastically), gets Robby’s arcane Monty Python & Firefly comments and loves to read. I had a lot of fun talking to her and getting to know her. First impression: HELL YEAH!

Andy was nervous.

I get that and am happy about it. In family dynamics, that’s his job: be nervous and worry about stuff. I’m the opposite of course. I have no idea what he was nervous about, but I love Crystal. I’m more sure he was worried about the impression I would make on her, but what can I do? I talked constantly and put away two plates of mostly raw Asian Buffet while talking: just me being me–food and chatter.

Andy was nervous. Rob was Rob (shudder, maybe that’s what Andy was nervous about). Crystal is awesome. I talked constantly.

I think Crystal is the bomb.


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