Drivin’ Off in the Morning; California Here We Come

Well, all the odd errands are done. The tank is filled. 6am tomorrow morning Robby and I are hitting the road. I won’t be back to the inversion soup until late Sunday night.

I’m excited. I haven’t seen the ocean in years (the ocean in Korea doesn’t count–oceans with enough pollutants in it to melt your skin off equates with the Geneva’s tailing-pond). I also have never driven for 12 hours before. I’ve always flown, been driven by my parents or taken the bus (the bus from OKC to SLC was the worse, though Andy’s trip to Saginaw Island was worse).

Andy’s getting married. I haven’t seen him since May and I’ve only ever spoken to Crystal over the phone. I’m psyched to finally meet her. She is totally cool over the phone and her FB pics look very friendly. I hope I don’t scare the crud out of her.

The big fear I have is if the truck will make it. My truck is a 1990 Nissan Frontier with 240k miles on it. It is a nice truck and fun to drive, but it is old. I am way concerned that it might not make it. Well, I’m sure it’ll make it down to Calli if I just let it drift all the way, but getting back up here will be a challenge. The tires are new. The oil has been changed. The insurance is paid. I already have enough soda. I have Robby to talk to. I have my iPod loaded with comedy tracks (Gaffigan, Steve Martin, Seinfeld, Ron White and Jeff Foxworthy). I’m better off than Jake and Elwood.

Crap, no sunglasses. I’ll have to borrow some of Robby’s cool.


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