Orem Junior High School I part two

Today was interesting. I noticed a pattern in how OJHS sets up their resource classes. The class I taught today during first period had a lot of the problem students. Meaning, behaviorally disabled students rather than emotionally disabled or learning disabled students. Tomorrow, I will give a spelling test to second and third period where there are ESL students and emotionally disabled kids and also to my at risk kids class first period on Friday. Mr. Henshaw, the teacher I’m subbing for gave me the spelling list and pretty much said I could administer the test anyway I wanted, so I wrote my own.

The first thing I did was create the review for the test (OJH Spelling Review) and then wrote the actual test (OJH Spelling Test). My train of thought was that I wanted to give two different study options for the review and then use an EFL trick I learned in South Korea where the letters for each word that needs to be spelled are rearranged so the students will be able to know which letters they need as a minimum.

The biggest problem will be if the kids decide to take the test. Most of them will take the test I am sure, but a couple will choose not to. I have been going into some of the other classes they take (classes Mr. Henshaw team teaches) and I’ve seen that the way they behave in my class is not unique. In Nick’s English class, the teacher, Ms. Hudson, has him sitting next to a Samoan kid who is bigger than me. If Nick misbehaves to the point where it annoys his neighbor, he gets an elbow from a kid at least four times his size.

Ms. Hudson reports that in her class she has no problems with Nick. I think it is a combination of the Samoan kid and Ms. Hudson’s strict approach. She has been teaching since I was in middle school and knows many of the teachers I had at Provo High School. She is pretty formidable.


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