Holiday Weekend

THis is the first Holiday weekend I’ve had away from family since 1987. I did have T-dinner with my youngest son Rob. He came over here and ate it with me and my roommates Ken and Jim. It is odd and lonely to have this dinner and not follow the little traditions I’m used to doing.

The turkey was good. The trimmings were awesome. And yet it was like eating Thanksgiving school-lunch because Ken and Jim do almost everything from boxes. Nothing was done from scratch (except the bread and rolls I made).

The other thing that suffered was the conversation. As soon as the dinner was done. Ken passed out from diabetic carb-overload and Jim played video games.

Rob and I talked but eventually he went home.


Andy called. I also spoke to Crystal his fiancé. They are still working out details for his wedding that is in three weeks. He decided to delay going back to school for another year. I think that is a good idea. This way they can get to know each other and form their own plan before they move on.

I have no way to contact my daughter except Facebook. She is off in San Jose havin’ fun. I miss her a lot. She is the hardest to get ahold of. We haven’t spoken in nearly a year other that swapping’ Facebook posts.

The nice thing is that I get to work tomorrow. I love my job. I’ll posting more as I get my routine here under control.


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