Detroit & Provo — Republicans & Democrats

Aaron the Ogre:

I don’t know if the Democratic Party is responsible for the demise of Detroit. I know the Republican Party has nothing to do with the success of Provo. I think this pic is interesting because I live in Provo and my Dad, who also lives in Provo, is from Detroit and an avid Lions fan.

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A picture is worth a thousand words.

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4 comments on “Detroit & Provo — Republicans & Democrats
  1. stripman says:

    Could it be that the people in Provo are trying to keep things the way they are. While those living in Detroit hope for a change…?

    • Yes. That describes the ethos of both parties, but there are those in Provo who want change and those in Detroit who want things to stay the same. Things could be better in Provo. It isn’t heaven you know. I live in a very poor neighborhood and I know where to find deserted, empty buildings here. Those who want things to stay the same in Detroit have found ways to take profit out of disaster. The person who created this collage was cherry-picking pictures instead of being honest about both cities.

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